Setup and use international calling

This article reviews how to enable international calling on your VoicePulse for Business account, how to dial international numbers, and how to secure your account against fraudulent use.

Enabling International Calls

By default, international calling is turned off on VoicePulse for Business accounts unless you requested us to turn it on during your initial setup. You can check if it’s enabled for your account by clicking the Settings tab, then clicking the “International” sub-tab (below the Save and Cancel buttons).

Our system has several security options to keep your account safe from fraudulent use. Please read through this guide and familiarize yourself with these options.

Placing an International Call

Dialing an international call works the same on VoicePulse for Business as on most phone systems: dial 011 + the country code + the number. (Note that if the first digit after the country code is ‘0’, in most cases you will NOT dial this 0 – skip to the next digit.)

After dialing, you will be prompted to enter your PIN.

The International PIN

The International PIN ensures only authorized users on your VoicePulse for Business account can place international calls.

To view or change this PIN, log in to your customer portal at, click the Settings tab, and then click International. Note that you cannot specify your own pin – it is randomly generated by our system – but you can request a new PIN at any time.

International Time Frames

On the same page you will see the International Time Frames setting. International calls will only be permitted during the days and times you specify, even if the caller has the correct PIN.

Disabling International Calling for Specific Users

International calling can be disabled on a per-extension basis. To do so, click the Services tab, and then on the left click Extensions. Click the extension you wish to change. Scroll down to Outbound Dialing Rules, and uncheck International Dialing. Then click Save.

Disabling the International PIN

You can disable use of the International PIN, allowing users (on a per-extension basis) to place international calls without entering a PIN. However, since this bypasses an important security measure on your account, you must specify a Trusted Network for the extension before you can disable the PIN.

Setup a Trusted Network

To set a Trusted Network, first click the Settings tab, then on the left click Networks. Click “New Network,” and fill in a name and at least one public IP Address. From this screen, you can also choose the Endpoint you want to apply this to. Then click Save.

Once this is enabled, the extension will ONLY be able to make calls – local, international, extension-to-extension, or even 911 – from the specified Networks. This helps ensure that if the phone leaves your location (e.g. it’s stolen or taken home), it cannot be used.

After the Networks restriction is in place, you can disable the International PIN for the extension. Click on the Services tab, then on the left choose Extensions. Click the extension that should have the International PIN disabled. Scroll down to Routing & Configuration, click Networks, and ensure “Connect from the following configured networks” is selected, and the network you created is in the “Selected” column. Then click the Call Routing tab, scroll down to Outbound Dialing Rules, and check the appropriate box to disable the international PIN.