Setup an auto-attendant announcement

There are two methods for changing the default announcement for your auto attendant.

  • You can upload a recording in .mp3 or .wav format (The maximum file size is 10 MB) or
  • You can record your announcement via phone.

To change your auto attendant announcement:

  • Select Services > Auto Attendant
  • Select the Auto Attendant you want to change the announcement for
  • You should now see a page that looks like the image below

Uploading a recording

If you want to upload a recording you have already made:

  • Select the Upload a File option and click the Select File button
  • Select your recording file and click Open
  • You should then see the name of the file you are uploading next to the Select File button as seen below
  • Scroll down and select Save

Recording via phone  

To record your message your message using one of your extensions:

  • Select the Record via Phone option
  • Select the Record button to record your announcement
  • Select Play to listen to the current greeting. Your phone will ring and you will be guided through the recording process. Alternatively, you may dial *321.
  • Once done, scroll down and select Save

Your announcement will now play when callers enter this Auto Attendant.