Setup an announcement mailbox

Announcement Mailboxes are to be routed to from an Auto Attendant (AA) to play the busy message in this box and then return to the beginning of the calling AA. If you route a call to an Announcement Mailbox from somewhere other than an Auto Attendant, the call will end after playing the recording.

This is helpful if you want to give your callers instructions or want them to hear a message before they get to their destination. You can also use this as a place to send unwanted calls as you can play a disconnect message and end the call.

To create an Announcement Mailbox:

    • Go to ServicesMailboxes
    • Select New Standard Mailbox
    • In the General Settings section:
      • Enter a 3 or 4 digit mailbox number in the box provided
      • Enter a name descriptive to the announcement
      • Enter a password
    • In the Recordings & Greetings section:
      • Click Select File  and select a file to use as the announcement recording
    • In the Mailbox Options section:
      • Select Announcement Only
    • In the Advanced Settings section:
      • Select Hide from Directory to prevent the mailbox from being listed in the company directory
    • Select Save