Setup a shared voicemail mailbox

By default, each extension has its own voicemail mailbox. But sometimes it’s useful to have multiple extensions share a single mailbox. For example, if one user has multiple phones, or a shared mailbox for multiple receptionists.

This article will show you how to take two extensions with different mailboxes, and give them a shared one instead.

For this example, we’ll use extensions 111 and 222, which are already set up with their own mailboxes. We’ll set extension 222 to share the mailbox of extension 111. To do this we’ll need to make three changes.

Set the Mailbox

Go into extension 222 (under Services -> Extensions). Scroll down to the Voice Mailbox section near the bottom of the page, and change it to mailbox 111.

Set Busy/Unavailable Actions

Now scroll up to the Inbound Dialing Rules section. Change any of the If Busy / If Not Answered / If Offline actions that point to mailbox 222, to point to mailbox 111 instead.

If the Try First action is set to Find Me, then click the Find Me tab above. Then scroll down to the Time Settings section. If the After hours action points to mailbox 222, change it to 111.

Set the Message Waiting Indicator

Finally, scroll back up to the tabs under Routing & Configuration, and click the Advanced tab. Change the Message Waiting Extension to 111. Then, click save.

It will take up to 5 minutes for our systems to generate a new configuration profile for your phone. (This affects the behavior of the phone’s Check Voicemail button, and it’s Message Waiting indicator. Incoming calls will reach mailbox 111, but the phone may still look at 222 until this change is picked up.) Wait 5 minutes, and then reboot your phone so it picks up the new changes.

Using the General Mailbox

If you’d like to use the general mailbox 999 instead of an existing phone’s extension, or if you’d like to create a new mailbox for multiple phones to share, the process is the same. Once you’ve created the mailbox, follow the instructions above for each phone, substituting your general mailbox’s number for 111.

Checking Other Mailboxes

You may still want to check your unused mailboxes to clear out any old messages. Or you may want to check a general mailbox from a phone that has its own voicemail. To do so, dial *5000 from any of your phones. You will be prompted to enter the mailbox number to check, and its password.